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Primate Connections

For the past four years, Imagine More has done graphic design as well as some marketing, social media and event planning for a small organization called Primate Connections. Primate Connections was founded to provide a platform for grassroots primate conservation organizations across the globe to connect, generate awareness, raise funds, and empower conservationists the world over.

Their main production is a yearly calendar featuring one primate conservation organization per month. Each organization contributes their story, a tip of the month, as well as photos of the animals they seek to protect: some of the rarest and most endangered primates on earth.

The calendars are coordinated, designed, produced and printed by Primate Connections, then sold to the featured organizations at cost. These organizations then use them to fundraise, give to donors, and otherwise support their operations. Primate Connections is perpetually broadening its sphere of influence, and is currently exploring the possibility of working with school groups and other local organizations.