Who Are We?

Katie Hawkes and a python snake

The Founder

Imagine More was founded by Katie Hawkes, a San Diego, California-based ethnologist, ecologist, design thinker, world traveler, food lover, beekeeper, gardener and cook.

Katie holds a BA in Anthropology and Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Over the course of her research and work with various non-profits and government agencies, she saw a problem: often, the people trying their hardest to change the world for the better were having difficulty in achieving their goals. She noticed that sometimes organizations could use a little help - for example, with training, personnel, experience, expertise or perspective - in getting to where they want to go. She founded Imagine More to help close some of those problematic gaps; and the incredible Imagine More team of partners, collaborators, contributors and others who make everything possible continues to grow today.

The Imagine More Family

As a group we specialize in social/ethnographic research; creative problem solving; efficiency; sustainability; education & curriculum design; computer/IT expertise; social media marketing; graphic/layout design; ecology; public/environmental policy; and all kinds of writing/editing. Our extended team -including the Board of Directors, colleagues, friends and collaborators - encompasses such a miraculous network of artists, scientists, academics, designers, entrepreneurs and just all-around incredible people that, when we put our heads together, amazing things can't help but happen!

By working with forward-thinking, sustainability-driven organizations and individuals to bring their goals into focus and their paths into view, Imagine More is changing the world - one dream at a time!